Ignorant Voter is a site that seeks to inform those that have questions about our local government and to educate the masses on why they should vote and how your vote really does count!

Although the two main goals of Ignorant Voter is to register 18 year olds to vote and provide the what, why, where, and how behind each political position—We aim to educate future, past, and present voters with facts relating to each office and why you should vote for this office, how it affects you individually, and why each local government position is essential to helping influence the change you want to see in your communities. We understand that many people have anxiety and lack of information--the facts, when it comes to making voting decisions. So I created an online site that gives you straightforward facts without bias--facts only! Ignorant isn't meant to be seen as a negative term--everyone is ignorant about something . Read the excerpt below from a Forbes article by Jared Meyer:

"Ignorance and stupidity are often conflated, but they are in fact two very different things. A smart person can still be ignorant about many things. No matter how smart we are, all of us are ignorant about the vast majority of the information out there. Given our limited time and energy, we have to pick and choose what we learn. It is rational for us to be ignorant about many, many subjects, and instead devote our efforts to seeking out knowledge that interests us or might make a difference in our lives...while political ignorance is often rational behavior for individuals, it can lead to terrible collective outcomes. It does not matter much if any one voter is ignorant, but it does matter if we have an entire electorate that is that way. The situation is comparable to air pollution: one gas-guzzling car makes little difference, but thousands or millions of them could potentially cause great harm to the environment. Similarly, widespread voter ignorance is a kind of pollution of the political process."

--Ilya Somin

By listing the facts of why you should vote for various city officials, Ignortant Voter hopes to educate and inspire you to take action one citizen at a time.