Real life. Real Skills. Real Talk.

enacting a system of change outside of the classroom.

Being the change by provide knowledge to current youth answering this questions for ourselves,

Growing up, I wish someone taught me about ________.


It Takes a village…

Hindsight is a not for profit organization that engages individuals and alumni in communities affected by lack of resources to their neighborhood high schools. We engage these individuals and use their knowledge , resources, advice to help future adults reach their life’s goals faster. A few life goal’s we seek to help our young adults reach in a more accelerated time frame are:

  1. Wealth

  2. Marriage and Family Harmony

  3. Proper Mindset and Balance

  4. Commitment to Improved Physical Health

  5. Career Passion and Personal Satisfaction

  6. Develop Empathy and Gentleness

  7. Financial Stability

  8. Service and Social Responsibility

  9. Expanding & Growing Faith

  10. Developing Positive Hobbies

  11. Taxes

  12. Cooking

  13. Law: How to Deal with people in Uniform: Knowing Your Rights

  14. Resume’ Writing

In the end we want to ensure that each student has clarity about how to move forward in their future using past lessons and experiences of those who have traveled down a similar path. Hindsight Foundation’s first successful event was #cheersforCraigmont. Be the Change and Ignorant Voter are project initiatives for the Hindsight Foundation.